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How to wear and choose fishnet tights

Fishnet tights are probably one of those accessories we all wanted to wear but didn’t know we can pull it off. After a major comeback in Fall 2016, we proved it wrong. Fishnet tights are fashion-forward, edgy accessory and a great alternative to black tights.

Nuclear Glitter - Adina Zuga

They are interesting and fashion-forward edgy accessory, and there are few ways to wear them:

  1. As an accessory 
    As I did in this post. You can wear your fishnet tights under your jeans, letting them peek from under the ripped parts.
  2. With crop tops
    Showing a few inches of fishnets above your pants is a big deal among It Girls.
  3. Channel your inner punk girl
    Show your fishnets with mini skirts, boots or dresses.

You can find fishnet tights usually under $10. I received mine from YOINS and they cost only $7.95.







How to choose fishnet tights?

The fishnets come in way more patterns than the stereotypical large diamond shape, like the one I’m wearing. For a more classy look, and definitely, if you are wearing a short skirt, go with a smaller diamonds. If you like to experiment, you can also go with circles, ovals and other shapes available.

Micro-sized diamond fishnets are a perfect way to wear this trend if you are not into risking. It will not look like fishnets from the distance at all. This choice is also great for you to head to school or at the job.

You can also try fishnets in nude, white or even pink (or actually any other color), or you can settle down with Kyle alike fishnets with diamonds attached. There are so many ways to channel your inner Pretty Woman in a unique way! Don’t be afraid to play around with different styles and find the one you like the most.

*This post is sponsored by YOINS

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