Wednesday talk: 4 tips to avoid being basic blogger

The Internet space is full of talented and inspiring individuals in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty niche, but what makes some bloggers more successful than the others? What makes people hit the follow, come back to your blog and cite you as an inspiration? It always seems hard to be different and the blogging world has already seen it all, until someone fresh steps on the scene… Finally, how to not be samey and basic blogger in a world full of such bloggers? After years of hitting likes and follows, commenting and reading, I’ve summed up the reasons why I’m always coming back for more on blogs of girls who have a strong sense of self and always bring something new, and here I am – sharing those reasons with you.


Your words matter

Your blogging super power is your voice, which can touch hundreds of thousands of people. I will always rather follow a blogger who starts conversations, talk and raise awareness among our community, than the one who only shares fashion / beauty posts of themselves. You met a blogger with good background story or just discovered a talented blogger? Share their work within your social media accounts and blog, support the local groups or domestic designers – share with readers anything that can change the world – even if that change would be just making them smile.

Nuclear GlitterUnique gals

Gals who inspire me and make me come back for more are nothing but themselves, which makes them so unique and so AHmazing! They are not trying to be the European version of KimK or Parisian version of LA blogger, but have a strong sense of self and have no issue of putting themselves out there … no photoshop on every post, no all-day-every-day makeup, no highlight reel. Don’t ever apologize for being yourself and don’t ever hide your true self. It is all that matters to stay unique in this world.


Don’t you dare to try to fit the Instagram norm of golden rose, all white and black thing out there. Don’t force anything if that is not your thing. Moreover, there are thousands of bloggers who are forcing it and few of them made a brand of it. Perfect your way of photography, do it your way, don’t ever try to be just another already-seen blogger.

nuclear glitter



Keep it fresh

Coming up with different things or changing your way of blogging can be really scary, but sometimes really necessary and it is an essential part of a blogging job. Your blog needs to be fresh all the time, so change anything that doesn’t work for you. Let go of the basic blogger image and create something new, something yours.



What makes you get some major #GirlCrush or hit follow, like and subscribe? What keeps you read these blogs of your favorite bloggers and follow every step of those addictive girls?

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  1. I completely agree with everything you wrote. I enjoy reading original content from bloggers. I enjoy fashion post when they have something unique to the author and sometimes I just want something really thought provoking 🙂
    Great post Adina, Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  2. I couldn’t agree more with all you’ve shared here, girl! I sometimes feel as though I see so much of the same style over and over again that it becomes less inspiring and like you, I feel most inspired by those who are true to themselves and their styles! As for YOU, you look gorgeous, I adore your fur coat, it looks so good on you! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the best weekend ahead!



  3. These are such great tips! I agree with all of them but have to admit it’s the keeping content fresh point that most makes me come back and visit blogs. I really admire women who aren’t afraid to evolve both personally and professionally and enjoy going along for the ride, so to speak, as people move through life. I’m absolutely in love with your coat, by the way!

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