Trip to village

Yesterday I had great time with my family. This is annual gathering where all members of our family gather in the village from where come our ancestors. There is on-going project currently and this village will be turned into Ethno village very soon. Half an hour drive from the town Goražde, on quite rough terrain and still a dirt road, you reach through villages Borovići, Bujaci and Rešetnica. The most interesting thing about these villages is that the households are getting part of their electricity from solar power plants.

I get excited every time when I’m gathering with my big family and I enjoy in every moment spent with them. This time, a gathering was even more exciting for me, because I traveled alone with my dad and we had time to talk for hours – and we didn’t spent a lot time together since I moved, we both had a lot things to do, so we spent around 2 hours in week together (sometimes less).  I was so excited to spend whole day with my dad. Moreover, I met my lovely cousins who came from all around the world to spend their day with us.

Normally, I really don’t enjoy in nature that much. As soon as I touch the ground of the village with my shoes and dive into the grass, I feel that I’m on foreign field. To be honest, I hate bugs and all little creatures that come together with nature. I love the green fields, but to look at it from far away. With each move I made I felt how disconnected I was with the world I live in: wifi, internet, phone … there is nothing like that in the nature. Although I left the comfort zone, somehow I managed to enjoy reading the book on the grass, drinking clean water and walking through macadam and grass. I love natural things, and somehow hate to find myself in the nature, because it reveals all my weaknesses.

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