TANNING TIPS: Bronzed Beauty

Summertime, tan lines …

Autumn is already here, but as long weather allows us to show some skin off, we will. But white skin doesn’t look good on me at any time of year, so I am that kind of girl who’s taking care of her tan all day every day all the time. Got that one friend? Pass this post to her. So, I got a lot of questions about my tanning tips in DM’s all over my social networks and I’m here, answering on all of them… because I’m a people’s pleaser! There is a lot of wrong ways to get some tan on that body, and there are few right ways, so follow me because wrong way will ruin your skin and cause lots of damage, a bonus you’ll be lookin’ like a leather couch.


Before you go to the beach or tanning salon, you need to prepare your skin for the tanning process. Get your bath ready and make some serious peeling + shaving your body (do peeling all over your body, but shave only parts you want to shave and never shave your mustache, stomach, hands and other weird places people love to shave, just don’t do it, promise?). Don’t do this right after tanning, however, because you’ll lose the color, but be sure to do this few hours before tanning, so your skin gets a little bit of recovery because you’ll be scrubbin’ it. Don’t forget moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.



Let the tanning process begin! But do not go too crazy about it. Before even talking about tanning, let’s get one thing straight: protect your skin! If you think it will prevent you from getting a nice tan, think again. Your skin will renew itself within 10 days, so … the slower you tan, the longer it will last. Avoid overexposure to UV light. Exposure should be done in short periods over several days or even a couple of weeks. Don’t think that sunburn will turn to bronze pretty skin because it won’t! Be smart and use protection, and avoid the sun between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m.

Do you know how to cut crease? Same is with tanning: Build that tan! Start with short tanning sessions of 5-10 minutes. You can do it twice a day on a natural sun or once in two days in a tanning salon. If you are tanning in an old fashioned way like me, by laying on a beach like there is no tomorrow, you should avoid it in the middle of the day, thou I don’t respect this rule always: one time I fell asleep around 2pm, and unfortunately, I was wearing one-piece laser swimsuit … it took me a lot to fix the line I gained that day. Make sure you move around to get the best of the sun and flip every 15-25 minutes.

Bright light on the optic nerve stimulates the hypothalamus gland, which produces melaninthus achieving a better tan, but your eyes can get burned too, so make sure to protect your eyes by wearing caps instead of sunglasses while getting tan.

Least but not last: contrary to public belief, the natural sunlight is the best choice for your health and skin.


After sitting in the sun, take a shower in order to refresh your skin and remove all the lotion, oil and salt from your skin. Make sure you are using refreshing after-sun shower gels and moisturizer. Moisturize your skin after shower to keep it hydrated. 

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