Sunday: Nike and Lace

Whenever I see outfit with sneakers, I just want to jump in it. Comfort comes first in each my combination. So it is obvious that I am big lover of any trend that supports comfort, painless walks and public transport usage. Karl Lagerfeld (bless his soul) has feelings for rhythm of life and needs of modern society. He found inspiration for this trend in history of fashion, the period between 1800-1845, when women wore flat shoes and loved it. I am big fan of ‘male touch’ in fashion… Why? Well, because society tells I should not wear it. I exclude the sneakers on heel when I say I love sneakers. They look horrible and I would never wear it.

I choose this outfit for Sunday, because anything else is wrong.

Nike sneakers (SOLD)
Tally Weijl lace leggings (SOLD)
Mango shirt

Adina ZugaAdina ZugaAdina ZugaAdina Zuga

Adina Zuga

Adina Zuga

Adina Zuga

Adina Zuga Fashion blogger

Adina Zuga Fashion blogger Adina Zuga Fashion blogger

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