Sunday Inspiration: Office Tour

I was totally addicted to buying school supplies, now that there is no school for few years already (hey, how that happen?) I am addicted to buying supplies for my home office. When we moved to new apartment, I’ve decided to turn a small guest room to my office because I had office in old apartment, and I couldn’t go without it.

Major works are done and the dominant colors in my office are white, black and pink, and it is half working room, half makeup room: in one word – office. Now I am in process of finding those key and perfect stuff to make it fabulous.

Today I’m sharing my favorite inspo photos with you. Enjoy and let me know if you have more perfect sources for office-inspo.


office 4
office 5

office 6

office 7

office 8

office 9

office 10

office 11

office 12

office 13

office 14

office 15

office 16

office 17

office 18

office 20

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  1. Ovaj marble effect me vec polako ubija, postao mi je totalna opsesija. Znas li gdje nabaviti masku za laptop s prve slike? Inace, kad mi bude sljedece totalno preuredjivanje, kradem ideju za crno-bijeli zid

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