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Digital Divas by Avon

On Sunday, the third Digital Divas by Avon conference was held in Sarajevo for Beauty and Fashion blogger community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digital Divas event has become one of the most interesting blogger gatherings in our area, and this time our meeting place was a wonderful Hotel Malak Regency whose interior overwhelmed your Instagram feed if you follow at least one Bosnian blogger.

Response to Digital Divas by Avon was by far the largest, but I doubt it will stagnate in the future since this is only the third conference and we are just discovering the usefulness of such conferences, which are definitely needed.
The main goal of the Digital Divas conference is to exchange blogger experiences and share helpful information. The special guest of the conference was Serbian lifestyle blogger Branislava Antović, who told her story behind the blog. For those of you who don’t know a lot about Brana’s Divine World, she is a graduated journalist who couldn’t find a 9-5 job, and her blog brought her a lot of new offers, and the hard work and effort created a team, company, and profit.

Andrea Tomašević Kolenda (Enina mama) shared her story of how her blog created a drama at her job. I was very inspired by her lecture because she did not even think about dropping off her blog even for a second, though her safer 9-5 job was at risk.

Director of PRAG PR agency, Sanela Tunović-Bećirović, has passed on her experience and knowledge when it comes to Content Communication. Almedina Aganović talked about the trends in the digital world, and Ljubica Soldo talked about marketing in the era of bloggers. Photographer Semir Geko talked about the art of photography and held a Blogger Workshop to help us make our feeds more attractive in the future.

Šejla Korjenić from Avon paid attention to Avon’s collaboration with Bosnian bloggers. Avon and bloggers in Bosnia have a strong partnership, as Avon believes that bloggers are an important source of an information and objective opinions. Avon is one of those brands that let you write an honest review of their products and that is just one of the many reasons why Avon has such a successful collaboration with the blogger community.



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