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Shipping Storm: Shop in the US, ship anywhere in the world

Getting stuff from the USA to the rest of the world is not the easiest thing in the world. Most of the time our favorite brands and stores do not ship the products outside of the United States – and when they do, the shipping fee can be more expensive than all of the products you order. Think: Glossier, Ask Derm, American Apparel, Best Buy, Sephora, GAP, etc. There are thousands of stuff I want from the US brands and messing with shipping ain’t one of them. Expensive shipping fee, lost package, hidden fees, damaged items included. But you know I always find a way to buy the things I want and actually get them delivered to me, so I did the same this time. The hack is called: Shipping Storm.

Shipping Storm

I ran an Instagram poll and 98% of voters wanted to learn what’s the cheapest and easiest way to get stuff from the US to anywhere in the world. Most of you guys fell in love with my Amiclubwear boots, but automatically gave up when you heard the shipping price.


What is Shipping Storm and how it works?

Shipping Storm is an American shipping company which helps you to shop online in the USA and get your stuff delivered to your country. Using Shipping Storm is the easiest, safest and fastest way to get any items from stores that don’t ship to your country or simply have expensive shipping fee for your location.

The process is very simple. You only need to complete the registration form. Once you do that, you are ready to start shopping at your favorite store. Shipping Storm will send you a free US address and you can use it at stores’ checkout and save 7-11% on every purchase thanks to Shipping Storm’s tax-free status. The registration is completely free and easy, there is no monthly fee and no-nonsense, so you basically pay only for what you want to use: it may be shipping only, or you can add special requests for your package, expert shopping assistance etc.

What makes Shipping Storm so special is the fact that you can not only find your country’s guide with exchange rates, duty, and tax information, but also receive insider guides, latest deals, best offers from top US retailers, and hand-picked recommendations for you. And if you’re having trouble buying, Shipping Storm will buy for you (sic!).

Once your products arrive at your US address, you will get an email and you will be able to view and manage your packages online 24/7. All the documentation can be arranged by Shipping Storm for you, and you can choose your favorite carrier and shipping method, or Shipping Storm will choose the least expensive one for you. No hassle at all!

Once your package leaves Shipping Storm’s facility, you will get in on time and in perfect condition. You are also able to track the shipment from departure to delivery, and in case of trouble, you have a dream-team that will assist you with any issue until it’s resolved.

The company is based on ideas of transparency, quality, love and care, fast shipping and smooth delivery, and the whole company is customer-oriented. Customer’s experience is important to Shipping Storm and customers are important to Shipping Storm, and they really want to hear your voice: Once you receive a package, you can leave a feedback and photos of the package, and earn 10% off your next order with them.

The Storm is coming and you should be ready: Sign up today to get notified when you can start shopping

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