PR & Disclaimer

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Welcome to the technical part of my blog. I decided to make this disclaimer to cover all questions you may have while reading this site. If I miss something or you have more questions, contact me.


Photos on this site are taken by Armin unless stated otherwise. All content on the site is owned by me, unless stated otherwise. Feel free to share images and text, and link back to my website.


As a blogger, I often get free items in exchange for product reviews on my blog. I really appreciate every single offer you send me, but I would never share anything that I would not buy for myself. I do not want to promote anything I do not like. All of my reviews are completely mine and I do not accept pre-written reviews by anyone else.


Same as the products that are sent to me, though I know that SEO is an important part of the internet,  I do not accept pure SEO posts or pre-written posts, because this blog is completely true to my personality. Prices for sponsored posts vary depending on the work.

If you would like to collaborate with me in any shape or form, please feel free to contact me via email or via contact form on my blog. Prices tend to vary for different types of posts, so please send over your specifications in the email.


I love young designers and I am open for any collaboration with them. If you are a new designer, feel free to contact me and show me your work. If I like it, I will enjoy promoting your work.