Trip to village

Yesterday I had great time with my family. This is annual gathering where all members of our family gather in the village from where come our ancestors.

Nike and dress

I have small deformation when it comes to clothes, you probably noticed that, and it is called “no one can own the same thing as I do”. This amazing pink dress is bought in Zara, but without straps. I fell in love with this dress from the very first moment, but one day I was […]

Sunday: Nike and Lace

Whenever I see outfit with sneakers, I just want to jump in it. Comfort comes first in each my combination. So it is obvious that I am big lover of any trend that supports comfort, painless walks and public transport usage. Karl Lagerfeld (bless his soul) has feelings for rhythm of life and needs of modern […]

Owls everywhere

The owl is sacred to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena and is even depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth. In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures the symbolic meaning of owl revolved around guardianship of the underworlds, and a protection of the dead.

Black high waist skirt

I thought I was done with wearing and using ‘high-waisted’ on my blog, but noup. This black high waisted skirt is one of my favorite skirts in my closet and what is better than combine it with floral white shirt? For all you who barely survive on +40C, this outfit is very easy to wear, […]

Fluffy Crop Top

I am really into this cool and comfy style last days and when I found this perfect fluffy crop top, I knew exactly what will I do with it – rock the shit out of Nike sneakers. Top is VIENTO ® DONNA, Nike Air are, I think, sold out, Bag is from Charshija (if you come […]

Homemade Flavored Water

I made fun about Sassy water for weight loss, because it is obvious that water will not eliminate 3 kg in four days, or 10 cm in waist. Actually it is just about water. When me and my hubby started living together, we started drinking a lot of juices, coke etc. After a while, my stomach […]

Pink Boho Dress

I found my favorite (and comfy) dress to live in all summer. Yes, it is Orsay dress and you probably got used to my addiction to Orsay dresses. Well, I can’t help myself with that. Even if you don’t follow fashion, you know that floral print is a symbol of spring-summer season – every year, sometimes […]

Handmade skirt

I’m wearing my first handmade piece – this amazing skirt. When I saw the material I fell in love and I had to make the skirt for myself. It took only 45 minutes to make it. I have never shewed something “serious” like this before, but I’m satisfied with results. Gladiators are from Deichmann, bag is Desigual […]

All nuances of blue

Unlike red, blue does not stands us out too aggressive, but it turns every simple piece of clothes into something unique.  I love to combine it with white and black to gain sophisticated look. This year we wear jeans – whenever, wherever and in variety of ways. I’m totally crazy about Lindex jeans because they […]

Feminist tote bag

For this day I need some comfortable things to wear  – black basic shirt, Clockhouse pants and sneakers – all that signed with unique feminist tote bag – it is made for me by my friend from Serbia 2 years ago when I participated at feminist summer school, and I love it. P.S. as you […]

Boyfriend jeans and Stiletto

After long sleep night and lazy day, I have to wear something that will make me comfortable and cool – and that ‘something’ are always boyfriend jeans. Just because I like to put ‘comfortable’ before anything else, that doesn’t mean I have to give up of the style and walk around like I just woke […]

Off-shoulder jumpsuit

After few rainy days, sun came back to Sarajevo, so today I got an opportunity to wear my new Lindex Off-Shoulder jumpsuit with amazing black and white print, espadrilles high heels and my favorite navy bag.  I got oversized jumpsuit, because I like the way it hangs. Anyway, I had an idea to make shirt out of this […]

High waisted jeans & plaid shirt

I was not in the mood for shooting, I was sleeping until noon, but it happened somehow, I fell in love with today’s combo and had to take pictures of it. I wore a plaid shirt with the high waisted jeans, flat shoes and (faux) leather jacket (New Yorker), and we took our beautiful dog […]

Short Dress

Today was extremely hot outside, so I decided to wear my favorite thing – short dress and gladiator sandals. This is my favorite dress for walks and coffee with friends, it is very comfortable and cute.

Geometric jumpsuit

Before the rain started we took photos of this incredible jumpsuit from Lindex. I am totally in love with this one (though, at the moment I own 3 of them and can’t wait to show you the rest) and I think I will not take it off until autumn. It is incredibly comfortable and I don’t […]

BH Bloggers Meet Up / New Fashion Concept Sarajevo

On 17th May was the last day of the New Fashion Concept Sarajevo 2015 and it was dedicated to Bosnian Fashion Bloggers Meet Up, but also to haute couture collections that have not been presented to Bosnian and Herzegovinian public earlier – which was opened by bh designer Istok Bratić, while stars of the evening […]

Liebster Blog Award

I have been nominated for Liebster Blog Award by my beloved blogger The Little Red Blogger. Thank you so much for the nomination, and I’m so thankful to my lovely followers and readers who made this happen. So, this award gives me a chance to let you know more about me. So, I got 11 […]

Fluffy piece of heaven

Today sun came to Sarajevo, but it is still cold for spring clothes. So I decided to wear a dress, covered with my favorite sweater from TALLY WEiJL, so the dress had the role of skirt, and I combined it with high boots. I didn’t want to look too much serious, so I put on […]