Velvet High Waist Pants

A.I. Design: Velvet High Waist Pants

High waist pieces are something I am totally obsessed about in last few years, and you probably noticed that obsession from the start. But when high waist pants are coming in velvet, I’m getting even more crazy about it, and I simply can’t help myself. When I saw these A.I. Design velvet high waist pants, I had […]

Missguided Velvet

I’m totally having this *store-crush* on Missguided pieces and team (is there anyone who doesn’t ?). This time I fell for their velvet x fishnet piece, and I don’t think I’m gonna get out of this dress any time soon! Mesh became a major thing in my closet, so you shall all prepare to bare […]

Review: Irresistible Me Ponytail Extensions

Pony Tail Extensions Irresistible Me  arrived for a review. I was surprised when my package arrived in under a week, because I am used to wait approximately 20 working days (but I am really patient, so it is not big problem) for package to arrive in Narnia (where I live). I do have a long hair, but my […]

10 reasons to unfriend someone on Facebook

Today is National Unfriend Day which is a pretty good reason to clean your Facebook friend list. Your Facebook friends list is probably less than about 25% real friends. The rest are people you went to school with, people you met while you were drunk and people you actually dislike. If you have been upset […]

Why I wasn’t part of #HMBalmaination

In 1 year, since I created this blog, we have learned I am not designer-obsessed person and I am not going to beat your ass up because I want to buy some shit you took in front of my nose. We also have learned I am not going to purchase non-vegan shit and support cruelty, […]

Black is the new black

I’m still stealing last breaths of sunny autumn days in Sarajevo to make some great transition outfits. Last week I got present-box from DressLink, but – since I live in Bosnia – this gift had to travel for 2 months to come to me from Hong Kong. It’s problem with our state politics and their […]

Fringe Crush

  I woke up at 12 p.m. and decided to shoot this outfit because it was an amazingly sunny and windy day. I already told you that I will spam the blog with fringe and I didn’t change my mind. The skirt is new – and it was love at first sight, I have so […]

Search love. Find overalls.

White overalls are fantastic because you can play with different colors, or you can keep it minimal. It’s very easy to turn a simple outfit into a street chic style with it. Rock it in sunny autumn days without jacket and when it gets colder throw khaki bomber jacket on your shoulders.

First Fashion Blogger #StillBetterThanU

Long before fashion bloggers started building their careers by publishing outfits on the blog, German accountant documented his own clothes for 40 years in the 16th century and presented his daily combinations through watercolor portraits, leaving us the most unusual record of the Renaissance style in his Trachtenbuch (literally: Book of clothes). Matthaus was born […]

Chic and Political Statement at FW

M.I.A. is a provocative English artist with Tamil heritage and a daughter of former revolutionary and activist Arul Pragasam (Arular). She made her name through musical and fashion career by constant political statements and protest, and became a global street style influencer. Those are just few reasons (out of million) why I have such girl […]

Embrace the Bandana!

A finishing touch with a bit of attitude. You should get over Celine bags and Valentino shoes ’cause there is always a cheaper accessory that will bring your outfit to the top. Yes, I’m talking about bandana, a famous accessory from Birkin to Tupac. Wearing: Lindex Jeans Clockhouse Plaid Shirt New Yorker Bandana All Star Converse […]

It’s all about Fringe!

My second favorite trend for Autumn 2015 is definitely fringe, and you’ll be seeing it in my posts very often this season. Although I have abstained from fringe trend in Spring/Summer season, because I like the simplest outfits cause of my intolerance to high temperatures, so every detail makes me nervous, autumn is perfect for […]

Monday fever: Skinny Silk Scarf

Simple piece of a silk scarf became a serious competition to statement necklaces for Fall season. You can tie it in a knot or leave it to hang on your neck. Todays outfit is an outfit for a job, but the silk scarf is very easy to be worn with various outfits – from business outfit to […]

Combat Boots / Q&A

Here is a comeback and Q&A (big thanks to #FashionSwing). I managed to present you few Back to School outfits thanks to Polyvore and in few days I’ll present you my favorite Fall/Winter 15/16 trends. Holidays are over and my September started with New Fashion Project (I’ll tell you more about it in future, currently […]

Boho Crop Top

My love for torn boyfriend jeans is well documented, which is why I am crushing on this crop top (Not-So-Close) and boyfriend jeans combination, and an instant uplift with pair of high heels. This combo works because the crop top is still a little loose. And let’s not forget my new tan in perfect combo with white […]

Trip to village

Yesterday I had great time with my family. This is annual gathering where all members of our family gather in the village from where come our ancestors.

Nike and dress

I have small deformation when it comes to clothes, you probably noticed that, and it is called “no one can own the same thing as I do”. This amazing pink dress is bought in Zara, but without straps. I fell in love with this dress from the very first moment, but one day I was […]

Sunday: Nike and Lace

Whenever I see outfit with sneakers, I just want to jump in it. Comfort comes first in each my combination. So it is obvious that I am big lover of any trend that supports comfort, painless walks and public transport usage. Karl Lagerfeld (bless his soul) has feelings for rhythm of life and needs of modern […]