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Meet game-changing girls fronting Lisca’s #ProudToBeMe campaign

When it comes to swimwear ads, the beauty ideal presented to customers tends to be one of airbrushed uniformity. #ProudToBeMe campaign is something absolutely different. Lisca’s campaign focuses on sexiness and uniqueness, inner quality, and attitude.

#ProudToBeMe collective includes badass influencers, body positive activists, and new faces with style.

Maša Paukovič

A student of social work and the first mental health blogger in Slovenia. Body positivity is important to her because she was struggling with an eating disorder in the past. She likes to read, drink coffee with her friends and she’s skincare junkie.

Barbara Rakovec

Barbara is a 27-year-old Slovenian and her whole life she has been told that she should lose weight – that she will feel better and be happier afterward. But she was happy enough with her body. When she accepted the ‘advice’ of other people, her struggle began. She had bulimia and started hating her body. It took years to get out of that hell and feel good again in her body. With the help of healthy eating and sport, she has again learned how to love her body the way it is.


Kata Ivakić

Kata Ivakić is born in Belgrad and studied Faculty of Drama Arts. Her whole life, she wanted to create something new in Serbia. Lisca’s event encouraged her to become a first plus-size blogger in Serbia, she also designs and created dresses for plus-size women. You can check her project out at or on her Instagram profile @Kataliza.

Alekseja Potisk

Alekseja is 19 years old girl who enjoys her own existence and the fact that she has an opportunity to live in this wonderful world in her body. She loves reading, poetry, opera, and theater. She is an artistic soul who perceives the world as an image, where people are painters.

Adina Žuga

23 years old blogger and digital marketing manager from Sarajevo. I struggled my whole life with people telling me I’m ‘too skinny’, ‘real men don’t like bones’, ‘real women have curves’. It took me so long to start accepting my body, eating healthy and actually LOVING every inch of my body. Life’s too short to waste it on other people opinions.

Ema Žurej

Ema has been a dancer for 17 years and she likes modern, contemporary, jazz ballet, hip-hop, and circus. She studies European studies at the Faculty for Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She is an energetic and active person who decided to not give a fuck about anything because when she was younger, she had a lot of problems with the appearance of her own body.

Špela Jerebić

She is a fashion design student from Maribor. She is a positive person who likes to laugh very much. Her hobbies include design, fashion, dancing, modeling. She decided to be part of #ProudToBeMe because she has trouble with speaking, and that’s why it’s hard for her to talk to strangers. She likes to be part a lot of different projects because she believes it helps her to be more confident.

Teja Vrbnjak-Erbežnik

Stara sem 20 let, študentka fizioterapije, učiteljica kajaka. Včasih sem imela težave s samopodobo, veliko so se norčevali iz mene, danes pa se dobro počutim v svoji koži. Rada uživam v življenju in se ne obremenjujem preveč, kaj si drugi mislijo. Zelo si želim postati “plus size” fotomodel oziroma delati nekaj v povezavi s tem in biti tv voditeljica ali pa kaj podobnega.

Divna Ponjavić

Divna is a mother of two kids, studied at two universities and master in chess. And she considers it all irrelevant because she’s still learning, fascinated by life, love, and kindness.



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