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Start making $$$ from your blog?

The thing is: you have a full job and it is not your blog. You have amazing followers on your blog and social media, but simply still don’t make money from your blog. There is a lot of reasons why: brands are not interested to work with you at this stage, you don’t have a time, you simply don’t understand how money-making with blog actually works.

I think we’ve all been here and you don’t have to give up on your blog just because hosting is expensive and at the end of the year you are in $-300. I was discouraged by this fact in my first year of owning a blog and even had an idea to delete it. I’m so proud I did not ha-ha. The thing is that I like an idea of owning my internet space, where I can write stuff and share with the world. I’m a sucker for social media, but the blog is simply the blog. So I’m not going anywhere.

Now, let’s get down to business.

Maybe you can’t get a collaboration with brands, or they simply send you freebies and no money (freebies pls come to mama), but you can still write on your blog, slowly building your empire and earning passive income. The key is blog monetization!

Creating million individual affiliate programs can be exhausting. For blog monetization, you only need one platform. Which one? VIGLINK

Viglink has 30k affiliates, and they will have an ad just for you, so you can write about anything you like.

It’s simple to set up and start earning money:

  1. Create your account with Viglink here
  2. Download the Viglink plugin or insert HTML code
  3. Upload your plugin in the WordPress Admin area.
  4. Configure your settings in the plugin tab > find Viglink > paste in your API code (find this in your Viglink account details)
  5. OR follow Viglink’s step by step guide to set it up if you are not WordPress user
  6. Start making $$$


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