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If florals for spring are ‘groundbreaking’ for you too and you prefer neutral colors, you are my sister. Wearing black in spring or summer makes people ask you weird questions. Remember how Caroline de Maigret told us that black goes with everything? Well, except spring, obviously.

Here are 4 ways to wear black this season, skip annoying questions and not look like you lost your calendar.

1. Sunglasses

Welcome sunny days with a pair of black sunglasses, because it will just leave them thinking you are protecting your eyes and not channeling your inner goth princess. The perfect choice is sunglasses with ‘lace’ details on the sides to add some fun to all blackness. Or cat model. Cat model is always my choice.

2. Little Black Dress

The Little black dress can be the statement piece in SS season. What’s up with white dresses in summer? I’m not going to wear it unless my tan is on fleek (and it is not at this point). If you want to add springy vibe, wear a VERY little black dress like I did today.

3. Vegan Leather

Vegan leather can be worn in the spring/summer season, too! Actually, it will look even better if you purchase an unexpected piece, like A-line skirt.

4. Over The Knee Boots

It may not make sense, but it is fun to experiment and play with unexpected trends. Knee-high and thigh-high suede boots are the thing. Sorry, not sorry. This trend is totally worth an effort. For the ultimate It Girl look, rock your suede boots with high waist jean shorts or mini dresses.

Nuclear Glitter - Adina Zuga

Nuclear Glitter - Adina Zuga


Nuclear Glitter - Adina Zuga

Nuclear Glitter - Adina Zuga

Nuclear Glitter - Adina Zuga

Outfit details: Bershka dress | Chanel bag | DressLink OTK Boots | Stradivarius choker



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