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How To Create Instagram Story Highlight Covers

Instagram’s new-ish feature – Story Highlights you can now save your favorite stories and share with your followers forever. It’s another feature that can make your profile poppin’ or droppin’, but making eye-catchy Instagram Story Highlights is no brainer.
It’s actually super easy to do and I’ll show you how to do it using FREE tools.

1. Sign up / Log in to Canva

If it’s your first time using Canva, you can use Free Plan and you’ll be good to go, because we’ll use other sources for our icons and background. Go to USE CUSTOM DIMENSIONS (1080×1920)

Instagram Story Highlight

Now it’s part to pick your icons on FlatIcon. For example, you can type “cosmetics”, “fashion”, “pets”, “craft” etc. Basically, anything you want to be an icon for your Highlight Story. If you are creating more stories, make sure you find similar icons (thin black lines, for example) to make them look good once you upload them. Choose a free plan and download the icons you want to have on your profile.

Flat Icon

Now, all you need to do is to pick your favorite background. You can, of course, keep it simple and just pick a color of the background in Canva. If you want to make your stories a little bit extra (like I did), you can use Pinterest to find your perfect background. I used marbles for first one, then I switched it to the Holographic background because – SUMMER!

Once you decide what your background is gonna look like, go back to your Canva design. Click uploads > upload your own images (all icons and background). Canva is pretty easy to use, once you upload all your images, just drag and drop them.


To make your icons poppin’, go to Elements > Shapes and add the shape you want. Make contrast between your background and your shape and simply drag the icon you uploaded in the center.


The best thing is that you can copy the design (copy button is right under the number 1 sign on this photo). You’ll get the same design, so just delete the icon, and drag a new one in it. Repeat as needed.

Once you are done, click Download > All pages and you’ll have zip folder in your Download file. Extract it and send it to your phone. Upload it to your Story and enjoy.


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