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How to get glowing, dewy skin

In case you wonder how I became a dewy goddess with skin so luminous even the moon’s jealous overnight – you are reading the right post.

I started my dewy-skin journey about a month ago. My main problem was alcohol in products I used for my skincare routine, and it took me a lot of time to become aware of it. Thanks to Nina (Instagram @cokolina.nina), I learned the right way to take off makeup. I know, I know, we all think we do it right way, like taking off makeup isn’t such a big deal. Well – it is! Huge deal!  My skin is normal, not too sensitive but allergic to alcohol. Please keep this in mind before starting your journey. If you have different skin condition, I suggest you to DM @cokolina.nina and she will provide the routine that works for your skin.

Otherwise, I’m breaking my skincare routine for you, and listing the products I use (approved by Nina). The best thing about it? You won’t break a bank for these products and you can find them in your nearest drugstore.

STEP 1 & 2: Wash my face with Alverde Natural Cosmetics Beauty & Fruity Face Cleansing Foam 
First I wash it using only my hands, and then I clean it with the brush for face for about 2 minutes. This way I clean every inch of my face and remove the dirt and makeup that can not be removed by washing your face with hands. Brush is essential in this routine, it can be regular or electric one, as long as it is soft enough it will work.

STEP 3: Take one Balea 3in1 Wipes for makeup (without parfume and alcohol) and cut in two pieces. Use one part to remove the leftovers of mascara from your eyes. Wash it off and leave the second part for tomorrow.

STEP 4: Balea Soft & Clear 3in1 Aktivkohle peeling if you feel like you need a little bit more cleaning. I usually include peeling every two days.

STEP 5: Apply Ziaja Goat’s Milk Day Cream on your skin. You can use it during night and day, works both ways.


  • Use Balea Water Spray during the day to keep your skin hydrated
  • Use Ziaja Goat’s Milk face mask 2 times per week to get dewier and softer skin
  • Use Balea Fluid to fight stubborn acne during night (don’t expose your skin to sun with this fluid)
  • Use Ziaja Goat’s Milk shower soap and body lotion if you live in polluted town like I do to keep your skin protected

That’s all folks!

Your skin is ready to glow with or without makeup!

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