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Fenty X Puma Collection

Rihanna showed us off her second, new Fenty X Puma Spring 2017 Collection on Paris Fashion Week in Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild and this Bad Gal went Good with this “Marie Antoinette in a gym” inspired collection. Well, seems like it took more than 200 years for someone to finally design the clothes for her to wear to a gym. Riri slayed this task same as everything she does and brought us 18th century in a modern way for Spring 2017.

This collection is definitely different from her first one, as the first collection had much darker tone and Fenty X Puma Spring 2017 is all about pastel tones, but not too bubbly and the clothes are a fabulous mix of corsets and baggy style, with whole new shoe wardrobe to play with, giving it a fresh street and sporty touch to the collection. Corsets are a big story at Fenty x Puma, with models wearing them over dresses, as part of sweatshirts, or on their own with bra tops; there were creeper boots, stiletto mules, and proper pumps with shoelace trim at the front. Marie Antoinette as bad gal muse? I’m totally falling for it.


There were two presentations of this collection (one scheduled at 7:30 CEST and the other at 8:30 CEST) and they were both live-streamed on Tidal for free. Imaan Hammam opened the show in a transparent pink parka trimmed in ruffles, with Puma fan, a full neck of chokers and baseball cap in Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild which looked like a wonderland.

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