Detox Plan to Get Back on Track After Holiday Season

Holiday season is all about the delicious food, desserts, and overeating. If you are a human being, you are probably reading this right now and feeling like a little hangover pig, and I feel you. Overeating is expected during the holiday season, but once it’s done, it is time to get back on track. These detox tips can help you to undo the damage you’ve done by eating pretty large amounts of not so healthy food.

Small Portions

Do not even think about trying to undo overeating with not eating at all. It’s is extremely unhealthy to skip meals and it can really slow down your metabolism. Try eating small portions and get your body used to and reduce calories to the healthy amount.

Green tea & Greek Yogurt

First thing in the morning you should be drinking is a green tea. Green tea will boost your metabolism and increase fat burning. To double the energy intake, add a slice of lemon. For breakfast, eat a Greek yogurt with blueberries. Don’t think about skipping breakfast in the morning, because breakfast will boost your metabolism and Greek yogurt is perfect for detox period because it is loaded with iodine, which helps in thyroid function, protein for building your immune system, and probiotics to keep you healthy. Teamed up with blueberries, which are antioxidants, will help you lower the cholesterol.


If you are one of 90% people, you probably had a few too many drinks. Don’t worry about it at all. You can undo these drinks with a banana. Banana is low-calorie and potassium-packed, and it will help you to get rid of bloating and moderate sugar level in your blood.

Green, green, green

During a day, try salads full of dark and leafy greens with carrots, avocado, or tomatoes (or all of it) with olive oil. And don’t forget to drink a lot of water! Summer bodies are made in Winter.


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