Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

I am that girl in the squad who never wants to get married and claims I do not need a paper to prove my love I have for my boyfriend, even though I live with my boyfriend for almost 2 years andย want to be with him for the rest of my life. But the world […]

Review: Valentina Jewellery

This time I’m coming with something really, really special. Picture this: you are buying an amazing bracelet for yourself or someone you love, but you are also making a donation to the cause close to your heart. That’s right! Valentinaย Jewelry isย an online store offering unique collection of high quality, great value fashion jewellery assembled by […]

128th Birthday of National Museum

National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded on 1st February in 1888 and it is the oldest modern cultural and scientific institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The building of the Museum in its present form was completed in 1913 and the Museum was opened to the public on October 4th same year. It survived […]

Thanksgiving: 5 things I’m thankful for

Today I have so much to be thankful for and I’m so thankful for your support along the way. I appreciate every single comment and email by you. From my little studio in Sarajevo to all your homes: I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving day. There are so many things that I’m grateful […]

10 reasons to unfriend someone on Facebook

Today is National Unfriend Day which is a pretty good reason to clean your Facebook friend list. Your Facebook friends list is probably less than about 25% real friends. The rest are people you went to school with, people you met while you were drunk and people you actually dislike. If you have been upset […]

Why I wasn’t part of #HMBalmaination

In 1 year, since I created this blog, we have learned I am not designer-obsessed person and I am not going to beat your ass up because I want to buy some shit you took in front of my nose. We also have learned I am not going to purchase non-vegan shit and support cruelty, […]

First Fashion Blogger #StillBetterThanU

Long before fashion bloggers started building their careers by publishing outfits on the blog, German accountant documented his own clothes for 40 years in the 16th century and presented his daily combinations through watercolor portraits, leaving us the most unusual record of the Renaissance style in his Trachtenbuch (literally: Book of clothes). Matthaus was born […]

Chic and Political Statement at FW

M.I.A. is a provocative English artist with Tamil heritage and a daughter of former revolutionary and activist Arul Pragasam (Arular). She made her name through musical and fashion career by constant political statements and protest, and became a global street style influencer. Those are just few reasons (out of million) why I have such girl […]

Trip to village

Yesterday I had great time with my family. This is annual gathering where all members of our family gather in the village from where come our ancestors.

BH Bloggers Meet Up / New Fashion Concept Sarajevo

On 17th May was the last day of the New Fashion Concept Sarajevo 2015 and it was dedicated to Bosnian Fashion Bloggers Meet Up, but also to haute couture collections that have not been presented to Bosnian and Herzegovinian public earlier – which was opened by bh designer Istok Bratiฤ‡, while stars of the evening […]

Liebster Blog Award

I have been nominated for Liebster Blog Award by my beloved blogger The Little Red Blogger. Thank you so much for the nomination, and I’m so thankful to my lovely followers and readers who made this happen. So, this award gives me a chance to let you know more about me. So, I got 11 […]