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Blogger Babes: Meetup

I know I’ve spoiled this event on my Instagram last days, but I had to. Last Friday we had a bloggers, designers and brands meetup in My Face, organized by FACE TV within Face Feel Freedom Festival which will last till the end of August. I had a chance to meet (and see again) some of the most amazing girls from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’ve had such a good time, talked about Instagram, blogging and collaboration between domestic and foreign brands and bloggers. I am so happy I was part of this amazing meetup and its organization, and I’m happy to spread a word about these amazing, hard-working, fashionable girls we have in our community.


4design 1

Behind 4Design are 4 girl friends whose work you were able to see in two of my posts with #GirlBoss jacket and Basic Black Tee. What I really love about this brand is they work with basic cotton monochrome tees, adding a witty slogans so you can break any boring outfit with ’em. You can check more on their Facebook profile.

Have 2 Have


Have 2 Have is a store from Sarajevo founded by a super cool girl Jasna. I can bet there is no fashionista from Sarajevo who didn’t took at least sneak a peak into her store or online account. While trendy stuff and acceptable prices come in our country slow way, this girl brings us the best of the best pieces and you can get them in her store for almost nothing. Make sure to check her Instagram here and spoil yourself – you can choose from clothes to shoes and accessories, even beauty products. Shop now and thank me later!



Two girls behind Slayed custom made clothes are fashion killers, no exaggeration. If you are following or reading Sandra Tomić, you had a chance to see their work (if you don’t read her blog, I have no idea what the fuck you are waiting!). Check Slayed Shop and see more cool stuff these girls make, ’cause they simply slay in it! Also, don’t forget  to follow their individual accounts, ’cause they are slaying in personal style too: Lejla & Hana.



Cocopat is already well-known for it’s quality handmade bags by Marijana and Patricia Kordić. If you follow Ajla Hodžić, you saw their new bag collection because she really spoiled it lately. I love it and will order one for sure. If you are someone who likes handmade bags, shewed with a lots of love, you will love these bags. We had an opportunity to see and touch these bags and I assure you, the quality is comparable to world brands. Check Cocopat, order now or cry later!

MioMio Jewelry


The girl behind MioMio, Emina Bašić, is making unique handmade jewels from bracelets, bodychains to … you name it. Anything you imagine, she can create and make you fall in love with it.

Jelena Shop


Jelena Shop is a shop based in Banja Luka and it has the largest and the most beautiful selection of night dresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I enjoyed watching their dresses and Ajla Hodžić walked through my Instagram feed in it.

Special thanks go to @avonba, @nashiarganbih and @facetv for making this happen; also to @travelissta , @nerminavaresanovic and @ma_petite_blog and all other beauty and fashion bloggers who came to have a talk with us. I am so happy to see how the community is building here.




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