BH Bloggers Meet Up / New Fashion Concept Sarajevo

On 17th May was the last day of the New Fashion Concept Sarajevo 2015 and it was dedicated to Bosnian Fashion Bloggers Meet Up, but also to haute couture collections that have not been presented to Bosnian and Herzegovinian public earlier – which was opened by bh designer Istok Bratić, while stars of the evening were the guests were fashion designers from region: Marija Stanković and Marko Marosiuk.

Meet Up was organized by our lovely blogger Aleksandra Borozan in Hotel Bristol and together with meeting we had blogger market where bloggers offered their combinations for sale, Lola.tees shirts, Princess Stuff and, of course, my translation of “Parisian“, all of the spiced up with super-cute cookies.

Convinced in the idea that bh fashion designers can become high quality export brand, organizers stressed that they have a lot more plan to implement in the near future, to prove that this will not stop. They also told that they will open concept store in the center of Sarajevo, where all interested people will be able to find unique clothing pieces, and all with signature “Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Šta BH modne blogerke čitaju?

BH Bloggers BH designers

BH Bloggers - Nuclear Glitter


And yes, let me share some links of these beautiful girls:

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