Amiclubwear x Nuclear Glitter: How To Rock Thigh High Boots with Pearls?

Thigh high boots are the boots of the seasons! Actually, after the great comeback with AW 2015, these bad boys are simply not going to leave anytime soon. I already wore the simple black thigh high boots, with a high heel and flat, in posts last year, so what’s new this time? Thigh High boots with pearls! I teamed up with an amazing Amiclubwear team to bring you the lust-have boot of the season. 

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

If you have been living under a rock for a quite a time: Pearls are the new cool thing! These bad boys have been freed from a necklace-only way to wear them and it’s totally rocking our world. You can wear it with a hard dose of contemporary badass look.

“Pearls go on and on . . . on everything,” Vogue declared in 1943, but they could’ve just as easily been talking about the runway and street style. To have an impact, the revolutionary way to wear pearls has to acknowledge AND reject the rich symbolism of the original in the same time. Through time, pearls have represented power and purity of an upper class. Pearls do not flash like the diamonds, but they are celebrated among people. It became an object of wonder and value for the rarity of the natural pearls. Kokichi Mikimoto, from Japan, revolutionized pearling in marketing and invention. A little bit later, Coco Chanel taught us how to wear pearls in daily life, and now – pearls are having a great comeback!

2 ways to wear thigh high boots with pearls

Team up nude sweater and mini skirt with Thigh High Boots with pearls

This was a last minute outfit for Catrice PR event, but I really fell for it (and everyone at the event). The skirt is from Miss Sixty (a quite old skirt, I wore it on my first ever blog post, but still favorite). Sweater: Oshlen Sabita

Catrice Autumn Winter 2017Catrice Autumn Winter 2017Thigh High Boots with Pearls

Jeans and Thigh High Boots With Pearls

When I’m not going for a full-glam look, I wear these boots with jeans. They will add a perfect glam vibe to the casual outfit, and if you match the color of the shoe and jeans – you simply can’t miss.

Thigh High Boots With PearlsThigh High Boots With Pearls Thigh High Boots With Pearls Thigh High Boots With Pearls

Amiclubwear Thigh High Boots with Pearls

Amiclubwear Faux Pearl Thigh High Boots are available in 2 shades – black and pink. Both are made of velvet material with a round toe and feature faux pearls. The heel is chunky (24 Inch shaft and 16.25 Inch circumferences). I ordered size 8.5 (39) and the boots are true to size. Bonus points go for Amiclubwear because the boots are not only to-die-for, they are actually very comfortable and really easy to wear no matter where you go. My feet are really sensitive to a low-quality shoe and harsh material, so I was really surprised that these are super-comfy. In my experience – the prettier the shoe, the harder it’s to walk in it. I’m glad I was wrong this time.

Price of the boots is $79.99, but you can get ’em for $36.00 with code BLOW55 💸💸💸 Actually, with this code, you can get ANYTHING from the website for 55% off price. 

Shipping to Europe from the USA is quite expensive and sometimes it can cost you more than you are willing to pay. BUT you can use code FREESHIP for all orders over $50 in the US. What US has to do with a shipping if you live in Europe and how can you get a free US address? I’ll explain a simple hack how to save money on shipping from the US in Europe in my next post, so stay tuned 🙂 

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