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128th Birthday of National Museum

National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded on 1st February in 1888 and it is the oldest modern cultural and scientific institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Narodni Muzej

The building of the Museum in its present form was completed in 1913 and the Museum was opened to the public on October 4th same year. It survived three wars and persisted after large suspension of grants for 7 Bosnian cultural institutions, because their legal status is not resolved. First time since its opening in 1988, in 2012 it was closed after suspensions of grants for 3 years. On September 15th last year it was opened again.

Narodni Muzej

On its birthday, the doors of Museum were opened to visitors for both – permanent and temporary settings.

The main event was the opening of and exclusive exhibition “About Kora, Kuros, people and the gods” with extremely valuable collection of decorative objects from the period of ancient Greece and Rome.  You can visit this exhibition in the next 10 days in the Museum and discover the charm and beauty of it. The most interesting part was, however, exposure of original Sarajevo Haggadah which was available today only.





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