Aloe Vera Holika Holika

Aloe Vera: Holika Holika 99% Gel ili Prirodni Gel?

Ja sam velika obožavateljica Aloe Vere i često je koristim za kožu lica, stoga sam nedavno nabavila Holika Holika Aloe 99% Gel kako bih ga uporedila sa 100% prirodnim gelom koji inače koristim za liječenje tamnih mrlja od bubuljica i upalnih procesa na licu. Holika Holika Aloe Vera gel je inače jedan od najprodavanijih proizvoda i […]

Nuclear Glitter

Kako se nositi sa toksičnim prijateljima?

Kako život prolazi, shvatit ćete da prijatelji odlaze i dolaze. Bez obzira na to, odnosi imaju monumentalni utjecaj na vaše psihičko stanje i opštu sreću. I kako stara narodna kaže – s kim si, takav si. Kada sam odrasla, shvatila sam da je nezamislivo nemati kontrolu nad sopstvenim odnosima. Međutim, količina toksičnih odnosa je u […]

Sastojci koje trebate izbjegavati pri kupovini kozmetike

Svi želimo savršenu kožu i znamo da ju je moguće imati. Ali, da li poznajemo sastojke na zadnjoj strani naših omiljenih proizvoda? Zato što znam da nikada nisam razumjela ništa, ali sam nakon malo istraživanja i kopanja saznala šta se zapravo nalazi u nekim od naših omiljenih proizvoda. I vjerujte mi, iznenadili biste se. Neki […]

7 najšokantnijih mitova o njezi kože

Većina ljudi nema vremena za čitanje sastojaka proizvoda za njegu kože, a još manji broj razumije tačno koji nivo salicilne kiseline proizvod mora sadržavati kako bi bio učinkovit u tretiranju akni. Mi uglavnom nagađamo kada je riječ o proizvodima za njegu kože, gledamo u redove lijepo upakovanih proizvoda sa obećavajućim natpisima: ANTI AGE, NOURISING, SKIN […]

Meet game-changing girls fronting Lisca’s #ProudToBeMe campaign

When it comes to swimwear ads, the beauty ideal presented to customers tends to be one of airbrushed uniformity. #ProudToBeMe campaign is something absolutely different. Lisca’s campaign focuses on sexiness and uniqueness, inner quality, and attitude. #ProudToBeMe collective includes badass influencers, body positive activists, and new faces with style. Maša Paukovič A student of social […]

How to Create Professional Media Kit

Create Professional Media Kit (Bloggers)

According to an Instagram poll, 96% of bloggers want and need to know how to create a professional media kit for their own blog. And who is a better person to teach you how than me – half blogger, half marketing manager? Before you go, I want to remind you that we’re hosting Master Class: […]

Create Perfect Instagram Stories

How To Create Instagram Story Highlight Covers

Instagram’s new-ish feature – Story Highlights you can now save your favorite stories and share with your followers forever. It’s another feature that can make your profile poppin’ or droppin’, but making eye-catchy Instagram Story Highlights is no brainer. It’s actually super easy to do and I’ll show you how to do it using FREE […]

Lisca Lingerie ss18

Lisca Fashion Lingerie SS18. Modern Elegance.

The latest collection from Lisca fashion oozes elegance in a very modern way. There’s a lot for larger cup sizes up to E and plenty of choice including some nightwear items. The words that spell out this collection are elegant, modern and romantic. This is a collection made for the Spring and Summer. You’re going […]

Digitalne priče: 5 načina kako iskoristiti Instagram algoritam

Algoritam je lista pravila koje trebate pratiti kako bi riješili problem. Postupajte sa njime kao sa receptom za lazanje. Dakle, kada pričamo o Instagram algoritmu, ne pričamo o nečemu što treba ‘pobijediti’, ‘hakirati’, već nešto čemu se trebamo podrediti kako bi izvukli što više od same aplikacije. Instagram engagement danas ide mnogo dalje od komentara […]

Afrodita Cosmetics: Anti-pollution HYDRA PATCH

Anti-Pollution HYDRA PATCH technology acts as a protective and simultaneously nourishing H2O patch. In case you live under the rock: Air-pollution can damage your skin just as the sun’s rays, affecting the mostly dried skin, but also drying the normal skin. New line Afrodita Cosmetics HYDRA PATCH solves the problem of skin dehydration with active […]

Glowing Dewy Skin

How to get glowing, dewy skin

In case you wonder how I became a dewy goddess with skin so luminous even the moon’s jealous overnight – you are reading the right post. I started my dewy-skin journey about a month ago. My main problem was alcohol in products I used for my skincare routine, and it took me a lot of […]

Catrice Autumn Winter 2017

CATRICE A/W 2017 Collection

Only a few days after the last meeting with bloggers, we gathered again on Tuesday, October 10, on the occasion of the Catrice PR event. This time our place of meeting was Sky Bar at the Marriott Hotel. Catrice definitely knows how to convey all trends from catwalks to unique cosmetic products of the highest […]

Digital Divas by Avon

On Sunday, the third Digital Divas by Avon conference was held in Sarajevo for Beauty and Fashion blogger community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Digital Divas event has become one of the most interesting blogger gatherings in our area, and this time our meeting place was a wonderful Hotel Malak Regency whose interior overwhelmed your Instagram […]

Miss Sarajevo: Pride of Bosnian women

Even in the middle of a war, a Bosnian woman holds her head high and never gives up her beauty. The photo of a woman from Sarajevo, Meliha Varešanović, became a sensation in Life magazine, the Sunday Times, in her purple-blue dress with floral pattern and high heels next to Bosnian soldier and shelter with […]

Nuclear Glitter - Adina Zuga

Minimalistic Baddie

  If florals for spring are ‘groundbreaking’ for you too and you prefer neutral colors, you are my sister. Wearing black in spring or summer makes people ask you weird questions. Remember how Caroline de Maigret told us that black goes with everything? Well, except spring, obviously. Here are 4 ways to wear black this […]

OTK Boots & one-shoulder bodysuit

Whether you want to wear your favorite flat suede or velvet over the knee boots with a mini skirt or team up high-heel with skinniest skinny jeans you have, one thing is for sure: OTK boots are here to stay and we love any combination you choose. And of course, all for one cold shoulder […]

What smells like Russia?

Five flavors of the mysterious Russian soul, beautiful girls, Pushkin and Siberia.  What’s good for Russians, it is incomprehensible for a foreigner, but it is – at least – curious. No wonder why famous designers and the most sophisticated perfumers always come for more to archetypes of Russia, trying to decode the very mysterious Russian […]

Bad Girls Throughout History

What does it mean to be a “bad girl?” That was the question that inspired illustrator Ann Shen to create her debut book Bad Girls Throughout History. Having grown up as the quintessential “good girl,” Shen struggled with how young men, when outspoken, were perceived as leaders and mavericks, while the same behavior exhibited in women put them […]

Curvy Friendly Outfit

Every girl needs bold statement pants for making an impact! I’m still not over these pants by Adela Design and I’m totally falling for this backless crisscross top. This season is all about velvet and curvy friendly pieces, so make sure to take a look at Adela Design‘s site and find something for your figure. Shop […]